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The non-profit Good News Mountaineer Garage began in 1999 when a group got together to plan a project to help their fellow West Virginians get on the road to independence.

Now the Good News Mountaineer Garage puts people on the road with the help of many individuals and organizations.

The Good News Mountaineer Garage accepts donations of vehicles that are repairable for a reasonable amount of money. These donated cars are then distributed to families with low incomes needing transportation to work.

You may be eligible for a tax deduction on your federal income taxes if your car is accepted. And you may also qualify for a direct state tax credit, when available, for a portion of the value of your vehicle.

We provide donated cars to low income families across the entire state of West Virginia.

The program has helped over 3,209 West Virginia families meet their transportation needs.

The GNMG is involved in an ongoing program to measure the outcomes of its programs. The results of this past year's respondent follow up study showed that:

  • From July 2018 through June 2019 GNMG has provided 210 vehicles to meet the transportation needs of 262 adults and 420 children.
  • Number of cars provided to families total approximately 3,209 since inception: in FY20, GNMG will provide 200 vehicles.
  • In the past four years we have provided 807 vehicles to meet the transportation needs of 993 adults and 1,572 children.
  • DHHR TANF's Director reported to the USDHHS that GNMG was one of the case managers' most valuable programs to help people get off public assistance.

A follow-up survey of TANF vehicle recipients conducted in FY09 showed the following:

  • 87% were no longer on TANF
  • 9% were on TANF but were in training or the 6 month transition stage of moving to employment
  • 4% were still receiving TANF and not in training or transition
  • 36% are able to attend more school activities
  • 36% accessed better child care
  • 21% moved to better housing
  • 31% accessed improved medical care


Our Board of Directors 2020:


Shanequa Smith
Community Representative


Roger Brewer
WV University


Cara Pogue
BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company


Luke Carney
Toyota Motor Manufacturing WV


Claudette Karr
Coalfield Development


Emily Halen
WV Supreme Court of Appeals


Sam Hickman
National Association of Social Workers, WV Chapter


Jane Hange
WV Alliance for Sustainable Families Board Member


Laurie Thompsen
WV Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Frank Bush


Kate FitzGerald
WV Public Broadcasting


Larry Dawson
Larry Dawson Auto Sales

Executive Director

Jennifer Thacker
Good News Mountaineer Garage


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"When I opened up the thank you note there was not only the note but also a picture of the receipient and she had a smile on her face which in turn gave me a smile on my face because I knew she was thankful, she was happy, she was now able to drive herself to a job. She specifically said that the car helped to get her to her job and take the children to doctor's appointments."
- Nate and Jane Bowles