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This Buick belonged to my parents, Harry and Mary Reese. This was their retirement car. They traveled near and far in this car. When they grew older I drove them to many medical appointments and on grocery trips. I have been so blessed to have been the second generation to drive the Buick. This is difficult to give up because I always felt close to them driving it after spending so much time with them in this car. Mom and Dad would be pleased to know that a third generation will use the car and that it make a difference in another person's life.

- William & Melinda Adamson

My wife, Sarah and I recently replaced one of our cars and decided to donate the older model Jeep Cherokee to the Good News Mountaineer Garage. This was the second donation for our family. We dont replace cars very often, and hoped our old Jeep would find a good home.

The folks at Good News made it easy. Its tax deductable as a charitable contribution. They did all the paperwork. We signed our names and then forgot about it until the following message arrived from the new owner a couple of weeks later:

“ I really needed this vehicle. My husband takes seizures and this will help him to get to and from his doctors appointments. So well hopefully find out why. I also have an 11 month old son who will appreciate the new ride. This means the world to me. I do appreciate it and desperately needed it. Plus, Im going to go back to school so I dont have to wait tables the rest of my life. Thanks so much.”

That card stopped me cold right in the middle of a work day. What do you say about something that was just taken-for-granted transportation for us but could generate that sort of heartfelt response from others? I did not stop to consider how blessed we were, owning two cars, until I got that card. Its propped up on my desk as I write this and it will stay there a long time to remind me that,

"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required." Luke 12:48

I am humbled to think that our old car meant so much to that family. I am sure there are many more stories out there waiting to be told. All it took was the gift of an old car to make a difference in somebody's life and to put some perspective back in our own.

- Ricklin Brown

“ "It was so easy to donate a car!" ”

“ Made me feel so good to work with the Good News Mountaineer Garage! ”